The Collections You Need to See From New York Fashion Week

The Collections You Need to See From New York Fashion Week

There’s an overwhelming lot that went down at New York’s Fall/Winter 2020 presentations. And because not everyone has time fo’ all-dat, we narrow it down to the four shows we think you absolutely need to see.


Leading up to this season’s New York fashion week, the uncertainties were aplenty. What with headline-grabbing news reporting the impending death of fashion week in New York and elsewhere around the world, the actual threat of a global health pandemic. Having skipped New York last season, we were back at the concrete jungle for a sweet, sweet reunion with our Michael Kors family.

This season, change was in the air. There were noticeable absences from the usual line-up of headliners. Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford all sat out of their routine New York showing. But as Freddie Mercury crooned in Queen’s hit single, the show must go on. And it did. And now at the end of it, we can say with certainty that it faired far better than the earlier projections of gloom and doom.

It is all really just a matter of perspective. The lack of big, heritage designers in the line-up presented an opportunity for newer designers to take to the limelight. Boy, oh, boy did they take the bull by it’s horns, proving that age is but a number. The barely five-year-old brand Khaite emerged amongst our favourite, as did seven-year-old label AREA. New York is always a city full of surprises and we live for every moment of it.

A lot and we mean a lot happens within a few days at end during the fashion weeks. Even we can hardly wrap our heads around it all even with the years of experience on end and we certainly don’t expect you to. But we have gotten around to narrowing it down to the five collections that we think you absolutely need to see from the New York Fall/Winter 2020 shows. Which are your favourites?


The New York state of mind is a thing. Look no further than Area’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection to put your finger on what exactly that means. The designer duo behind the label Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk wholly embodied the spirit of the city in their latest showing. This, however, did not mean the clothes were a literal projection of an imagined wardrobe for the stereotypical New Yorker. Like the city, the collection was a melting pot of influences from Japanese tropical postcards they found in France to interior design by New York-based duo MyReality resulting in an mistakable synergy. The shine! The pleats! The oh-so daring silhouettes! You bet we’re already planning ourselves a party to wear one of Area’s unabashedly bold creations to.


Even if you don’t know the brand Khaite, we would place our bets on the fact that you MUST have seen their clothes before. In the span of a short five years, the New York-based label has blown up on social media and amongst the street style set. They have been on our radar for awhile now and our love for them has only deepened with every passing season. Fall/Winter 2020 at Khaite was all about investigating sex appeal. Despite it being a surprising departure from the crisp silhouettes of previous seasons, we’re all for this newly unveiled facet of the Khaite woman!


It’s always a good time at Zimmerman! You can count on the Australian brand to dish out some serious fun with a side of fashion. In a collection inspired by superstitions and fortune-telling, Nicky Zimmermann brought out the magic in a line-up heavy on the frills and the flounces. The theme also showed itself in the collection’s riotous. You can play search for the for words such as “magic”, “evil eye” and “clairvoyant” that show itself across the collection. Also, can we take a moment to address the movement of the dresses as the models took to the runways? Ah, the magic! I guess you could consider us bewitched.


Goth according to the Mulleavy sisters at Rodarte defies all the textbook definitions of goth. But we have no qualms about leaving the archetypal austerity behind for the possibilities presented at Rodarte’s Fall/Winter 2020 outing. Polka dot day dresses, Victorian puffy sleeves and languid evening numbers fit for a ball, Mulleavy approach the hyper-femininity they have long established at the label from the purview of say, a female Vampire. Now, how alluring does that sound?

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