Quentin Miller Says The Drake & Meek Mill Beef Killed His Career!!

Quentin Miller, the man who was outed as Drake’s ghostwriter during his high profile beef with Meek Mill, has spoken out about how getting caught in the crossfires of the feud has ruined his career.

Thursday was the five-year anniversary of Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late album, but for Miller, he says that the anniversary is not a happy one for him.

“It’s different for me. It’s pretty much try to act like it doesn’t even exist. the biggest project of my entire career right that’s pretty stronger. Unfortunately, I don’t have the good memories that everybody has. My good memories were all murdered the day Meek Mandela..ya’ll buying that bullsh*t since he came out of jail, whatever — the day he put my name out there, it just blew up my whole spot. Basically, just f*cked everything up for me, bro,” he said, speaking into the camera.

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