The Masked Singer Recap Season 3, Episode 3: Another Legend Gets Unmasked

It’s time to say goodbye to Kangaroo, Miss Monster, Turtle and White Tiger on “The Masked Singer,” though we’ll see three of them again later on down the road.

After this week’s episode we move on to a new batch of six masked singers as the three surviving performers from this week’s episode wait until the next round of competition.

It’s all part of the show’s new format and we’re definitely digging it so far as we feel we’re getting a chance to know these artists better by spending a few weeks in a row with them before moving on.

This week’s masked guest panelist was revealed as none other than Leah Remini, who hilariously struggled to take off the simple mask she was holding in front of her face on a stick — totally mocking the ridiculousness of the show she’d just joined.

“This is so annoying ’cause when you’re home, you’re like it’s so obvious, and your guesses are so dumb usually. But now I’m that person. Because when you’re here, it’s hard!” she lamented about halfway through the show.

The final four of Group A came together for a rollocking take on the KISS anthem “I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night” that made it pretty clear that one of them is not a singer. Did White Tiger do anything other than dance around?

And yet, he’s already outlasted Lil Wayne and Drew Carey. Could he survive what Nick Cannon called the Group A Championships and make it into the final nine?

As always, the weakest performer got the boot, but we’re still going to make you power through the terrible (and occasionally good) guesses made by our illustrious panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. We do this because we love … to torture you._


Turtle found a natural fit for his cadence and performance style with Shawn Mendes’ “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back.” He brought great dance moves to the stage as well, which puts him in that category of boy band or pop star a la Justin Bieber (but not him, obviously). He’s got a great pop voice and really commanded every moment of that performance.

Guesses: Well, according to Nick Carter on “WWHL” this week, it’s not him beneath the mask, even though he says the costume was originally made for him; he was just too busy to commit to the show.

Turtle revealed he’d spent a morning together with Nicole, which turned her bright red in an instant. His clue package also had alpha and omega symbols, a map of South Korea and saw him leaning on a football field.

Jenny took another new clue, a bat, to lean into her Nick Lachey pick, as he owns a minor league baseball team. Leah was thinking maybe Jaden Smith (which would be huge for this show), but Nicole thinks maybe it’s Hunter Hayes, who’s toured Korea.

But the internet can’t believe no one has thought of Jesse McCartney yet, because they’ve been all over this since the first week of competition! They’ve even been scouring concert footage of Jesse to prove these are his moves. Last week’s DREAM STREET clue sealed the deal for us.


Miss Monster has such a grace and presence, she didn’t need to bring anything other than herself to the iconic “You Don’t Own Me” track. It was full of grit and strength and passion, even as she hardly moved on the stage. This is a performer who knows her voice is the star.

Guesses: She got love from her hair stylist, along with objects on a clothesline like white socks, pizza and a bear. Could those be Chicago references? The internet’s favorite choice was born there … hmmm, indeed!

Jenny, as a fellow Chicagoan, picked up on those clues and found her way to Queen Latifah, which she tied to her film “Chicago.” But that’s a bit of a stretch, though there was the royalty clue.

Miss Monster’s Valentine hinted that she and Robin had a rendezvou in Las Vegas, but that could be performance-based or at any of the theaters. Leah jumped on the Mary Wilson bandwagon, while Nicole thought she knew the voice, picking Gloria Gaynor. Robin even met Gloria there, but the internet says no.

Ironically, after Miss Monster marched off, Nicole suddenly thought she had the tone of one Chaka Khan, finally catching up to the internet. Could she be trying to hide her voice? It does have a few Tina Turner guesses seeping in, but the consensus remains Chaka Khan.


Kangaroo has one of the strongest voices so far in the competition, filled with heart and passion. She emoted Rihanna’s “Diamonds” beautifully, and was actually stronger in the early verse of the song as she pulled us into her world and her strength discovered through pain and heartache.

Guesses: It’s amazing that no one has yet figured this contestant out, as she has such a strong and powerful voice. Could she truly be someone who never pursued singing, achieving stardom through some other avenue? If so, that’s quite a secret talent!

Her package this week came from her brother, who talked about her dealing with haters and having to step up after a family tragedy. A model airplane and angel makes us wonder if she lost someone to a plane crash.

Kangaroo said she’s sat at the same table with Leah Remini, which could suggest her short stint on “The Talk,” or even her “Scientology and the Aftermath” series. Ken, though, took the angel to mean Victoria’s Secret and went with Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

Nicole, though, is thinking Lindsay Lohan on her redemption arc, but Jenny thinks Jordin Sparks fits all the clues. And she has suffered recent family tragedy, stepping up in a big way for her family (including a younger brother).

But the internet is still not sure on this one, though more are getting on board Jordin Sparks, even seeing the airplane as a reference to her hit, “No Air.” But still others are still thinking Jordyn Woods or are totally lost.


White Tiger has yet to try and sing on this show, talking his way through Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and it. Was. Terrible. Not only can he obviously not sing, but he has no rhythm or timing, either. Seriously, he is easily the worst vocalist in the history of this show. But the audience seems to love him anyway because he does look like a pretty fun dude.

Guesses: His Valentine for Jenny said her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, would love it even more. New clues showed he was a player back in college, but also imagery of a phone off the hook and butter pats and quarters.

Now, Gronkowski played for the Pats aka the Patriots, and Jenny picked up on those clues right away, selecting him as well. The internet has known this for weeks, but it was nice to see the clues confirming.

But Nicole thinks it’s just too obvious, pointing out they’ve all failed to guess anyone right so far, so she went with Joe Manganiello. But Ken went way off the wall and decided it was Fabio seeking redemption after taking a bird to the face on a roller coaster.

Seriously, though, this is Gronk. It has to be. There’s no one else who fits the clues, who moves like he does and yeah … this is Gronk. Even the internet knows. They also know that this was painful.


If there is any justice in the world, we’ll all see Rob Gronkowski’s smiling face as he dramatically pulls off that White Tiger mask. But he’s survived two eliminations so far, so we’re a little worried that his showmanship and the love from the panel might sway the audience.

That spells bad news for Miss Monster, who just doesn’t bring as much pizzazz to her stage presence. Nor does she have the depths of passion that Kangaroo has brought every week. Turtle, meanwhile, is a born performer.

Miss Monster is a legendary vocalist, but she may lack the excitement needed to connect with this audience. And it turns out that’s exactly what happened as White Tiger somehow survived to move on to the Super Nine.

It was the end of the road for Miss Monster. So now it was down to the final guesses to see who it was. For us, we jumped on board with the internet, feeling like Chaka Khan best fits the clues (especially after tonight’s heavy Chicago emphasis).

Nicole put the clues together about the hair and camouflage to finally land on Chaka Khan as well (she had an album titled “Camouflage”), with Robin joining her. Ken thinks Reba McEntire, Jenny stood by Queen Latifah, Leah slipped back to Mary Wilson.

In the end, Nicole and Robin became the first two panelists to get a guess right this week — with Nick saying he’d known all along — as Chaka Khan and those iconic locks were revealed

Next week, we move on to Group B and six new contestants: Banana, Elephant, Frog, Kitty, Mouse, and Taco.

And this week, we’ll let Twitter wrap up our coverage with their thoughts on this week’s results:

“The Masked Singer” continues Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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