Chevy Chase Trends After Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

As soon as Bernie Sanders was announced as the winner of the New Hampshire primary, social media began to light up. But it wasn’t just his supporters who were ebullient. Seemingly out of nowhere, Chevy Chase was suddenly trending, too.

It’s all because of the image Politico used to declare Sanders the winner. Rather than go the simple route of using a photograph of the candidate to announce his victory, the outlet decided to use a drawing by artist Michael Hoeweler.

And somehow, Twitter is convinced that Howeler’s must have been using an image of Chevy Chase instead of Bernie Sanders to come up with that drawing.

We’re more inclined to say that the drawing looks like some sort of genetic hybrid of Sanders and Chase without looking exactly like either one of them. We’ll call it the lack of a cleft chin on the drawing, which is one of Chase’s most iconic features.

Of course, not everyone saw Chevy Chase in the image at all, with some even arguing it maybe looked a little like Dick Cheney and plenty of others still simply seeing Sanders in the image.

But enough jumped on the Chase bandwagon that his trending name sent plenty of fans into a panic thinking something had happened to him.

Nevertheless, the resemblance was enough to send Twitter off to the races as they delighted in the drawing uncannily not looking like enough like Sanders to legitimately be him. It’s tough to celebrate a huge political win if people are going to give all the credit to someone else, even if that someone is a legendary comedian and actor.

You can check out more of Hoeweler’s celebrity likenesses on his Instagram page. He has not yet weighed in on this — is this a controversy?

And you can check out some of the best reactions to his Sanders drawing below:

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