Farrah Abraham Says She and Daniel Ishag Are ‘Just Friends’

Farrah Abraham is setting the record straight on her relationship with Daniel Ishag.

The former “Teen Mom OG” star was linked to the pilot/financier after she posted several snaps of the two pouring on the PDA while vacationing in Mexico last week. Ishag shared a pic of them on his Instagram as well, with Farrah cuddled up next to him and her hand on his chest.

But when the two were leaving a lunch date in Los Angeles on Saturday — with her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, in tow — Farrah said they were not exclusive.

“I just have friends. We’re hanging out. Ya know, living my best life. I’m living my best life, that is all I’m gonna say about it.”

Daniel appeared unconcerned as he said he was going to check on their car.

Last week, Farrah set the the rumor mill churning after she shared photographs of the two holding hands while sunbathing, enjoying a romantic horseback ride on the beach and getting close as Daniel placed a tender kiss on her forehead.

Even Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen, commented on the two’s relationship, telling The Sun that they were indeed a couple last week.

“They haven’t been dating for a long time. She deserves to be happy. I’m hoping for good things,” Debra said at the time.

“I’m hoping I get to meet him soon and I could have an opportunity to find out what he’s all about. I trust her judgment. I’m really excited to meet this person,” she added.

Meanwhile, as Farrah and Sophia were waiting for their car, the pair revealed they had matching diamonds placed on their teeth.

“Mom and daughter,” said Farrah as the two of them flashed their smiles. “I love my daughter. It’s fun.”

“Twinning,” laughed Sophia.

The preteen then announced she would like a white Model X Tesla for her Sweet Sixteen party, which Farrah admitted she would eventually oblige, as she is considered “Santa.”

After Farrah made sure Sophia was safely buckled into their ride, she opened up about her recent vaginal rejuvenation procedures, as the adult film actress had three in the past three months.

As to why she has taken such a liking to it, Farrah said, “I don’t know. Maybe I’m asexual.”

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