Love & Hiphop Kimbella Accused Of Cheating On Juelz While He’s In Jail!!


There’s a bunch of drama popping off on Instagram between Love & Hip Hop star Kimbella, and a popular podcaster Star Brim.

Star is a popular New York celebrity insider and podcaster – she’s also Cardi B’s best friend, and the godmother to her daughter Kulture. Star is also making some explosive allegations regarding the very married Love & Hip Hop star, Kimbella.

To fully understand how this transpired, here’s the back story. A little more than a year ago, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into a fight at a NY Fashion Week show. And during the altercation, Nicki’s friend Rah Ali got in the middle of it, and attacked Cardi – leaving a speed knot on her head.

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