Wendy Williams Fires Back At Howard Stern After Hall of Fame Comment

Wendy Williams and Howard Stern are back to their old shtick — feuding.

Eight months after calling a truce, the two talk show titans are at it again, with Stern igniting the flame on his SiriusXM show on Monday, when he scoffed at the notion that Williams was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2011, a year before the shock jock.

“No offense to Wendy Williams, but they put Wendy Williams in before me,” the 66-year-old said.

Williams was ready to respond the very next day on the Hot Topics segment of The Wendy Williams Show.

“Don’t hate on me because I got in before you — and one more thing — I know the only reason I got in – and listen closely – is that I had a new talk show,” she explained. “I went from radio, successfully, to TV with my own show – you haven’t done that. ‘America’s Got Talent’ was already successful. You were part of an ensemble when you got there.”

The 55-year-old then questioned why she draws the ire of the “Private Parts” author.

“Howard, I’m tired of fighting with you, man,” she continued. “Why do you always have to fight with me? Because you think I’m the low-lying fruit? Why? Why are you and I always fighting? I wasn’t fighting with you, I’m minding my own business, trying to watch ‘The Bachelor.'”

Williams advised he should be focusing on the positive things in his life, instead of fixating on her.

“All I am saying is, keep your hundreds of thousands of dollars, your beautiful wife Beth, all of those animals that you will rescue and be happy, man and stop hating on me, because I don’t hate you!” she said.

In March, trouble brewed when Williams called out Stern for being “too Hollywood” after the release of his book, “Howard Stern Comes Again,” to which Stern replied by calling her a “jealous b**ch.”

But the two made up after Stern gave a formal apology in a magazine article and Williams accepted it, announcing on her show, “The idea that you apologized –I love him! My heart was so broken when he was fighting with me because I wasn’t fighting with him!”

Well, that love fest didn’t last very long.

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