Taylor Swift Shares Home Videos for ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ Music Video

Taylor Swift offered fans a glimpse into her childhood growing up on an actual Christmas tree farm in her latest music video for her new holiday song, appropriately titled “Christmas Tree Farm.”

The nostalgia-tinged video kicks off with Swift in black-and-white looking wistfully out the window before it shifts into a series of vignettes from some of her family’s home videos, showing her enjoying the snowy winters and Christmas season with family throughout the years. And her fans are enjoying the track so much they got it immediately trending on Twitter and sent it to the top of the iTunes charts.

Timestamps throughout the video reveal an exploration going back to even shortly before her birth with a look at the tree farm and then the years that Taylor spent there, including absolutely adorable footage of young Taylor sledding into a massive snowbank, marveling at a Christmas train under the tree and even opening a guitar.

While there’s no evidence that this is the first guitar she ever received, the romantic spirit of the holidays demands that we at least imagine for a moment that it is and that her family unwittingly captured the moment that would change everyone’s lives forever.

What she would do alone with that guitar would set the music world on fire and catapult her into being named the “Artist of the Decade.”

Speaking of doing it alone, Swift wrote, produced and released this track in a matter of days for her fans, after deciding that she didn’t want to have to wait until next year. And based on those fan reactions, they’re thrilled not only to get new holiday music from Swift, but they’re incredibly proud of her for simply taking care of business by herself.

What’s particularly exciting for fans is the prospect that Swift might realize the power of this initiative to simply hand her music to her fans this quickly to do it again … and again. After all, Ariana Grande found tremendous success pumping out “thank u next” in record time. Who’s to say she has to wait a long time to release another album.

If the muse is striking her, why not crank out music as fast as it comes to her, just like this. We’re sure her fans won’t mind. In fact, if their reaction to this quick release is any indication, they’d be downright ecstatic:

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