cyber monday atlantic-pacific

While I typically stick to fashion over here, I am currently furnishing and outfitting a second home and all the deals this weekend have been the perfect kick in the butt in forcing me to start thinking about all the household items that I need! The new house is located in Florida, and I am so excited for lots of outdoor furniture, bright colors, and quirky prints. This weekend I have been a little more focused on the things we really need, you know the unsexy necessities. With so many deals on items that never seem to be discounted I have been ordering lots and lotsโ€ฆobviously after I finished shopping for coats, bright bags, and other things I definitely donโ€™t need (oops). Scroll below for some of the home items โ€“ deals from black friday and cyber monday โ€“ that have made it into my shopping cart!

I picked up this doorbell and this camera โ€“ both on sale. I have loved all my nest products and am excited to try more.

This TV has been everywhere and I have been officially influenced I bought the 55โ€ฒ that is currently on sale.

Thanks to new DTC businesses, mattresses have been easier than ever to buy and ship. I have been loyal to this mattress and picked up two more for guest rooms.

While I typically stick with my trusted Dyson vacuum, I am exited to try this vacuum that finally fell below $200.

I have just started to look for outdoor furniture โ€“ but may end up buying this umbrella this weekend (I MEAN CAN YOU EVEN?!). I have also been eyeing this piece, this easy chair and this ridiculous chair that I know I donโ€™t need. ๐Ÿ™‚

I recently broke my printer (in my defense it was super old) so I replaced it this weekend with this one that is over 60% off.

As you know, I love color, and one of the hardest home items for me to find has been a colorful rug that doesnโ€™t feel overly youthful or incredibly modern. I just discovered this one on sale and am considering it for one of the guest rooms!

While I am not a whiz in the kitchen, I do appreciate great kitchen tools and I canโ€™t suggest this cookware set enough, which is on sale for a limited time! I have the red set but am loving this color as well!

We are getting a lot of our furniture for the new place from CB2 and Anthropologie- and while we missed out on some of these deals (our furniture is already ordered and on its way) you can take advantage of them! Our couch, dining room table, adorable bar cabinet and chic leather chairs are all now on sale.

Beauty is also top of mind on these sale weekends, especially considering some brands rarely go on sale. While I donโ€™t need a new mirror or T3 curler ,I thought this mirror was a great deal (this one too) and these T3 products are currently on sale for this weekend only. I have loved all my T3 products โ€“ this one is my most used!

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