Larry King Reveals He Was in a Coma, Predicts Democratic Nominee, Gives Thoughts on Trump

Still rocking his signature suspenders, Larry King looked and sounded as sharp as ever, despite revealing a rough year with his health to Extra TV.

The 86-year-old broadcast legend revealed that he’d spent a good portion of the year in a coma, after suffering a stroke back in March. Shortly after he came out of the coma, he underwent heart surgery to have stents put in. And yet, King says he remembers virtually nothing after March.

“Everything got better except my left foot and I’ve been rehabbing that every day. And they told me I’ll be walking by Christmas,” King said with a smile of his remarkable recovery. “Not bad.”

“My head doctor said I have an incomparable spirit,” he added.

Nevertheless, King said he’s happy to be back to work, and proved his mind is as keen and quick as ever. When the interviewer mentioned Mayor Mike Bloomberg, King quickly rattled off that he’d spent $30 million already on ads in just his first weekend as a candidate.

As for that upcoming election, and despite that epic spending, King doesn’t think Bloomberg is going to be the nominee. “I think Joe Biden will hold on And I think he’ll give him the toughest fight,” he said of President Trump.

And speaking of the president, who King says he’s had on his show 100 times, he said he doesn’t even recognize the man currently sitting in the White House.

“I’ve known Donald for 40 years. This Donald is not the Donald I knew,” he said. “The Donald I knew was a moderate, big supporter of Hillary Clinton, opposed to the war in Iraq. But this Donald is a different Donald to me.”

King is no stranger to health scares, having suffered a previous heart attack in 1987. He’s also endured multiple cancer scares, including a prostate cancer diagnosis in 1999 and lung cancer just two years ago. In the latter case, he caught it early enough they simply went in and easily removed the mass.

Probably some of that indomitable spirit helped him rebound quickly after that, as well. In fact, it seems that nothing can keep King down. Every health scare follows the same pattern. King rebounds with a remarkably fast and strong recovery and cannot wait to get back to work.

And here he is again, already back at it, and we couldn’t be happy to have him still at it after all these years.

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