Mark McGrath Breaks Up with Someone’s Boyfriend Over Cameo

Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath broke up with a woman named Cheyenne’s boyfriend over Cameo.

Except, not really, because it was all a joke.

Twitter user @slasherdaysaint shared a clip of the cringe-worthy video, in which McGrath informs someone named Brayden that Cheyenne would like to break up.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Cameo, it’s a service that lets everyday folks pay celebrities to send personalized video messages to friends, family, coworkers, etc. Most people opt for the standard “happy birthday” greeting, but we’re not all as creative (or heartless?) as Cheyenne.

“What’s up, Brayden! It is Mark McGrath from the band Sugar Ray,” the musician began the 2-minute-and-20 second video message. “This Cameo was booked by Cheyenne, and she wants you to know a few things. This is a little difficult for me to say ’cause it’s the first one of these I’ve done, but she wants you to know that you mean a lot to her, you mean the world to her, but she’s having difficulty staying in this long-distance relationship.”

Mark went on to sympathize with Brayden, acknowledging that long-distance relationships are “tough.”

“I’ve been on the road for years, and I’ve been with my wife a long time,” he explained. “And the biggest arguments, the biggest obstacles in our relationships, is the distance between us. It makes it very difficult when we’re on the road, and it’s hard.”

That’s when the speech took a turn.

“Cheyenne is trying to let you know, Brayden, that it’s very, very tough for her to stay in this relationship,” McGrath said. “She still cares about you a lot. You never know what the future may hold! And she still wants to be friends with you because obviously she cares about you very, very much.”

“And she wants you to know, ‘Good luck on your thesis coming up!’ Probably not the best timing, Cheyenne. When he’s doing his thesis? But I understand,” the musician went on, advising Brayden to keep working hard and remember that “life goes on.”

After reiterating that Cheyenne would like to remain friends and wished Brayden “nothing but the best,” Mark let the poor sap know that Cheyenne contacted him specifically for the breakup because she knew how much Brayden liked the band.

“I wish I was delivering you good news!” McGrath said. “Hopefully I can see you backstage, give you a high-five some day, dude, and we can maybe laugh about this some time. Hopefully we all can! Cheyenne, Brayden, all of us.”

Despite the bad news, McGrath managed to end on a positive note, telling the person on the receiving end, “If you’re working on a thesis, you’ve got a good life in front of you!”

After he started to trend on Twitter for the viral video, McGrath felt the need to explain the whole thing was a hoax.

“So I just woke up from a nap, and it was 1999 all over again!” he tweeted along with a screenshot of Twitter’s top trends. He also told an over-enthused fan named Sarah that he “just decided to roll with what I thought was a pretty obvious joke!”

However, he is very much “doing real ones for the holidays,” so keep this in mind if cuffing season doesn’t work out.

“This does happen a lot!” a spokesperson for the app told TooFab. “Simon Rex sent a Cameo doing the same thing earlier this year; Bam Margera sent a fan Cameo helping him quit his job too.”

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