Tragic New Details Surrounding ‘Seinfeld’ Actor Charles Levin’s Death

Actor Charles Levin, 70, died over the summer, and now a new report is shedding light on what happened.

Levin was reported missing by his son Jesse on June 28 after he called a friend to say he was lost somewhere near Cave Junction, Oregon.

Now, has obtained official reports from the case that reveal that on July 13 Levin’s car was found on a remote road. His body was discovered at the bottom of a 30-foot ravine.

Documents from Grants Pass Department of Public Safety indicate that Levin had been dead for days. His body was naked and wedged between two trees.

The report indicated signs of “animal scavenging likely in the form of turkey vultures.”

Authorities used dental records to identify his body, and his death has been ruled accidental.

Police reportedly had to scale a slope and retrieve his body using a rope-and-pulley system.

The unnamed local who discovered his car and his body told, “It looked like he was trying to take a back route to Grants Pass [where he lived]. But the road he went down was remote and doesn’t have any signs. It’s easy to get lost, and GPS doesn’t work.”

The source went on to say, “His car was pretty banged up and was off a logging trail. I went up on foot, hiking. I wouldn’t have driven up there by myself, no way. I think he might have made a few bad decisions.”

The public safety report stated his Fiat was damaged and trapped in a pile of dirt. His pet pug Boo Boo Bear was found dead inside the vehicle.

Levin was a familiar face on TV, including on “Alice,” “The Golden Girls,” “NYPD Blue,” and “Hill Street Blues.” He famously played a mohel in the 1993 “Seinfeld” episode “The Bris.”

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