Camila Cabello Fangirls Game Of Thrones Actors

Camila Cabello is the utmost professional when performing on stage, but the pop star turns to jelly when she meets actors from “Game Of Thrones“, as she is a huge admirer of the HBO fantasy drama.

During her stop at “The Graham Norton Show” on Friday, the 22-year-old couldn’t contain her excitement as she hugged members of the panel, including GOT stars Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa.

“My queen!” Camila shouted when she first saw Emilia. “I’m sorry, I would just like to say I am the biggest ‘Game of Thrones’ fan in the entire world. And there’s a reason why I’m the only red wine on this table and it’s because — I’m just freaking out to meet you guys!”

Acknowledging actress Regina King and comedian Ross Noble as guests of the show as well, Camila caught her breath and said, “I’m such a fan of everybody here but I literally finished all eight seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’ in a month this year.”

Emilia was moved, saying “Wow! That’s so impressive.”

“It’s going to take my whole time of this interview to recover from this,” the “Havana” singer added. “I’ve never fangirled so hard in my life.”

But Camila wasn’t alone in her starstruck challenges, as Emelia then recalled meeting Beyonce for the first time at a party.

“Queen Bey came up to me and she was like ‘Oh I’d like to talk to you,’ and I don’t think I responded in the way she thought I was going to respond and I go ‘Oh my god’, too many drinks in, and I started crying. Literally eyes welling up being like ‘I can’t handle it!'”

TooFab gets it ladies, trust. Bow to GOT and Bey and watch the video above.

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