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Kendall Jenner was out with friends in LA on Oct. 8 when she showed off her amazing long legs in super short biker shorts & a T-shirt.

It’s no secret that Kendall Jenner, 23, has amazing legs, but she headed to Petco in LA on October 8 when she rocked a pair of short biker shorts, and we were blown away by how insanely long and lean they are. The supermodel went shopping with friends when she chose to dress casually, throwing on a pair of skintight black biker shorts which were super short, paired with her go-to white T-shirt with a picture of a Dobermann dog on the front. Kendall topped her look off with her favorite pair of black Kim Kardashian West Carolina Lemke Dusk Sunglasses, low-top gray Adidas sneakers, and two big black scrunchies on each of her wrists.

Kendall has such a fabulous figure and she loves to show it off any chance she gets. Aside from this look, Kendall was out in LA on Sept. 25 when she showed off her legs in a pair of high-waisted, distressed denim short-shorts with a white tank top tucked in. She chose to go braless under the thin sheer top and added a white long-sleeve button-down on top, choosing to keep it open. A pair of tan suede Birkenstock Arizona Sandals, a Louis Vuitton Graffiti Pochette Bag, and her fave Kim Kardashian West Carolina Lemke Dusk Sunglasses topped off her look.

The model has been loving biker shorts lately and back on Aug. 14, Kendall took her dog for a walk on a hiking trail in LA when she threw on a pair of skintight high-waisted black biker shorts, which she styled with a bright neon green Adidas sports bra, putting her unbelievably toned abs on full display, while the biker shorts were extra short, showing off her amazing legs. Kendall accessorized her athleisure look with a pair of black Yeezy sneakers and a cute little messy ponytail. Meanwhile, earlier that day, she was out and about wearing the same exact outfit, but had an Aerosmith Just Push Play Shirt over her sports bra.

Kendall Jenner was out in LA on Oct. 9 when she wore short biker shorts with a white T-shirt, black Kim Kardashian West Carolina Lemke Dusk Sunglasses & low-top gray Adidas sneakers. (Backgrid)

Aside from Kendall showing off her long legs in these biker shorts, a ton of other celebs have been rocking revealing short-shorts lately, and you can click through the gallery above to see them all!

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