Winnie Harlow Wore Fendi to the La Mer by Sorrenti Launch & It’s Hot

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With fall officially upon us (It’s about time!), I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for the best celebrity autumnal looks. I want to see outfits that not only scream fall, but also make me want to get trampled by the wearer because they look so good. Enter: Winnie Harlow’s La Mer for Sorrenti launch outfit. Let me tell you a little something about this fall-inspired ensemble, OK? It’s perfect, and no one can tell me otherwise. From the neutral hues of the mini dress to the mustard yellow knee-high boots, Harlow’s outfit is everything I could ever want in a celebrity street style look—and so much more.

The model attended the La Mer for Sorrenti campaign launch on Thursday night decked out entirely in a gorgeous Fendi ensemble. From her head to her toes, Winnie Harlow was a Fendi goddess, and I could not be more obsessed with the look. Harlow wore a sheer turtleneck (A revealing turtleneck is such an oxymoron, and beyond chic.) under a sheer mini neutral dress—belted to perfection. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two sheer articles of clothing paired together definitely do. This ensemble looks like it was made to be worn by Winnie Harlow.

Winnie Harlow

Gregory Pace/Shutterstock.

And then there are the mustard yellow knee-high Fendi boots. I cannot breathe when these gorgeous boots are in my sightline. The subtle texture? Perfection. The color? A fall dream. All I want is for Winnie Harlow to bless me by stepping all over my face while wearing these Fendi beauties. (Too dramatic? Get over it.) Stomp all over me, Winnie. You and these boots are absolutely iconic. Plus, with the added neutrals in the dress, Winnie Harlow has given us the ultimate fall color palette. Catch me re-creating this look all season long.

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