Here’s How to Shop Beyoncé’s Iconic ‘The Bey Search’ Collection

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You know how when you Google Beyoncé every day (What, just me?!), and all those beautiful images of Bey pop up from throughout the years? It brings a tear to my eye to see the journey of Queen Bey’s career sprawled out before my eyes—and now, it’s been brought from the screen and into real life. Beyoncé’s new “The Bey Search” merch collection is basically the print of a Beyoncé Google search on clothing, hats and other accessories. I mean, why have one photo of Beyoncé, when you can have dozens? It’s a Beyhive dream, and I’m here for it.

Look, I’ve never been a huge fan of clothing covered with a bunch of tiny images, but when those images are of Beyoncé, I might just change my mind. There are so many iconic photos of Bey on this merch, so you should be prepared for everyone to stare at you when you wear it. Frankly, you’ll probably end up staring at your own clothes, continuously finding photos of Beyoncé you hadn’t noticed before. I dare everyone to try and figure out just exactly how many images of Bey are included on these pieces of merch. It’s like one of those “Guess how many pieces of candy are in this jar” contests, but with Queen Bey.

The Bey Search merch collection features everything you need to stock your closet with photos of Beyoncé, and each article of clothing comes in sizes S-3X. We love a size-inclusive Beyoncé clothing line, y’all. Try the crop top with your favorite pair of chic bike shorts (or The Bey Search bike shorts, for that matter) or layer the work shirt over your cutest sundress this summer. The possibilities to make these clothes street style-ready are endless. After all, this is Beyoncé we’re talking about.

Beyonce 'The Bey Search' CollectionBeyonce 'The Bey Search' CollectionBeyonce 'The Bey Search' CollectionBeyonce 'The Bey Search' CollectionBeyonce 'The Bey Search' CollectionBeyonce 'The Bey Search' Collection

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