‘Riverdale’ Muse Bellsaint Goes Retro for Lapalme

Bellsaint aka Caroline Brooks is soaking up a lot of love from her music being featured on “Riverdale.” Now, she’s opening up to Lapalme magazine about her new record, “Can’t Stop a Woman,” and rocking some ’60s-inspired looks while doing it!

“I still point at the screen and shriek, ‘That’s my song!'” she says of her “Riverdale” exposure, even though she should be used to international attention — the singer-songwriter has worked with many other artists, and found a recent session with Natalie Imbruglia particularly “inspiring.”

Natasha Wilson for Lapalme

“We won’t be silenced.” — Bellsaint

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Natasha Wilson for Lapalme

“There is beauty and strength in building up others.” — Bellsaint

“I always hoped I would get to write and perform music for a living,” she confesses, “but I don’t think it sunk in as a reality until things started lining up the past few years.”

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Natasha Wilson for Lapalme

“I’m grateful for the women in my life who give me strength.” — Bellsaint

Bellsaint and music go way back! “Music has always been a big part of my life. I started writing songs when I was seven on a battery-operated CASIO, and have been performing since I could walk. The first ever musical experience I remember is playing a skunk in a kindergarten musical. I was mortified, and I think I forgot most of the words.”

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Natasha Wilson for Lapalme

We have the ability to endure unbearable pain and be willing to go through it again if we need to.” — Bellsaint

The hits keep coming, with the release of her new single “Can’t Stop a Woman” just the latest. “Most people who know me know how much sisterhood (especially growing up with two sisters) means to me,” she explains of the song, “and how much I prioritize supporting other women. I genuinely believe that women have an unmatchable resilience, and can create powerful momentum when we set our minds to something.”

Check out Bellsaint’s full feature here!

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