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The drama is heating up on ‘Grand Hotel.’ HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Chris Warren about all the secrets at the Riviera Grand, what’s going on with Ingrid, Jason’s relationship with his mother, and more.

The Riviera Grand is full of secrets, thanks to all of Grand Hotel’s interesting characters. Chris Warren, 29, plays Jason Parker, the son of the head of staff at the Riviera Grand Hotel. Jason also works as a waiter at the hotel. The work dynamic between Jason and his mother, Mrs. P, is fascinating and will continue to get more complicated as the season goes on. Looming over the hotel is the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Sky, a former employee at the hotel.

Sky’s brother, Danny, is now working at the hotel. At first, no one knew that Danny came to the hotel to get information about his sister, but now Jason is in on the information. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Chris about whether or not we can trust Jason, Jason’s close bond with his mother and how that will be tested, Jason’s feeling for Ingrid, and more. See our full Q&A below.

This hotel seems to hold a lot of secrets — how much does Jason know considering he’s worked there a long time?
Chris Warren: I think fans see a lot of what Jason knows, and Jason knows everything. But I think just like every other character in the show, there’s a lot of secrets that nobody knows. Or just the audience knows, or nobody knows and we all find out together. But out of all the characters I feel like Jason is most in the know, just because he’s so close to everyone. Everyone sees these secrets through me and wonders if I’ll tell, or am I not going to tell? Who am I going to help? Who am I going to side with?

What kind of relationship does Jason have with his mother? Will see their relationship get fleshed out this season?
Chris Warren: Jason’s relationship with his mother is very interesting. Fans will definitely see their relationship fleshed out throughout the season. There are challenges and there are things that bring them closer together throughout the season. But we’re very close and we work together, and I’ve been working there since high school. Our close bond is the thing that fuels me, I want to make her proud, I want to make my family proud. However, as the season progresses I start becoming my own man a bit which puts a strain on our relationship. At the same time, it helps me become my own person.

Will the rest of the season explore Jason’s relationship with Ingrid?
Chris Warren: Yes, absolutely. Throughout the season that is a big thing between me and Ingrid. What will happen definitely gets explored throughout the season.

Do you think Jason has real feelings for Ingrid?
Chris Warren: Jason cares about Ingrid very, very much and I know she cares about Jason, as well. The main challenge is getting out of the friend zone and making it something more than that.

Grand Hotel is a very and sexy fun summer series, so is romance on the horizon for Jason?
Chris Warren: I think romance is on the horizon for everyone. Being at a hotel like that in the summer is a given no matter what. But I think the main thing the audience is going to have fun with is who is going to get with who, where, when, and how is the main question more so than if.

‘Grand Hotel’ star Chris Warren stops by PMC Studios for exclusive portraits.

What can fans expect in the episodes to come?
Chris Warren: A lot of fun, a lot of scandal, a lot of everything that comes with being in Miami Beach in a hotel like that. Being in a confined space like that in the hotel, we all work together, we all live together, so I think you can expect a lot of fun and a lot of mystery.

What stood out about the character of Jason that made you want to be a part of Grand Hotel?
Chris Warren: The thing that stood out most to me about Jason was his loyalty and what a hard worker he was. He’s been working at the hotel since he was in high school to help support his family. He keeps grinding and keeps his head down and I really respected that about him.

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