Kawhi Leonard Caught Smiling at Toronto Blue Jays Game!

Kawhi Leonard

Caught Smiling

at Blue Jays Game!

6/21/2019 9:59 AM PDT

SEE!?!? Kawhi Leonard doesn’t only smile when he wins titles … he smiles at baseball games, too!!

The Raptors superstar had a front row seat Wednesday at Rogers’ Centre in Toronto to watch the Blue Jays take on the Angels … where the NBA champ got a standing ovation from the crowd!

Leonard was so moved, he actually let his emotional guard down … AND SMILED FROM EAR TO EAR!! It was amazing!!! 

Turns out, Kawhi was really enjoying himself and got into the game … he was even spotted taking a cell phone picture of Angels superstar Mike Trout.

Can’t blame the guy … Trout is a superstar and the greatest baseball player on the planet, so it’s cool to see game respect game … even if it’s a different game. 

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