MLB’s Mike Clevinger Gets Glove-Friendly Jimi Hendrix Tattoo

MLB’s Mike Clevinger

Jimi Hendrix Tattoo On Finger

… Pops Out Of Glove!!!

6/5/2019 10:38 AM PDT

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MLB hitters now have something interesting to look at while Mike Clevinger is pumping fastballs their way — a sick tat of Jimi Hendrix‘s face on the stud pitcher’s finger!

The Cleveland Indians superstar just got Hendrix’s mug inked on his left hand’s pointer finger Tuesday … and the art is pretty awesome.

It’s an image of Hendrix’s stoic face … and it’s placed so strategically — it pops out of Mike’s glove when he’s on the mound!!

Clevinger has yet to say why he got the piece done, but he did post Hendrix’s famous “If 6 Was 9” lyrics with photos of the ink, saying, “let me live my life the way I want to.”

Of course, batters will have to wait a few more weeks to get an up-close look at the tat … Clevinger’s still a month or so away from returning from a back injury.

But, when he gets back … enjoy the view of Hendrix’s face — and that nasty slider!!!

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