Dodgers Pitcher Julio Urias Catches Break in Domestic Violence Case

Dodgers Pitcher Julio Urias

Catches Break in DV Case

Off the Hook, On These Conditions

6/3/2019 4:46 PM PDT


Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias just caught a major break in his domestic violence case — ’cause the city of LA’s gonna let him off the hook if he takes care of some business.

The LA City Attorney’s Office tells TMZ Sports … Urias will NOT be charged with domestic violence, but only if completes certain requirements first. We’re told he needs to participate in a City Attorney’s hearing, which brings in both parties to talk things out with an officer of the court.

Urias also must not commit any acts of violence against anyone, while also being required to complete a 52 week DV counseling program in person. If Urias gets caught up again for a similar case by next year, the City Attorney’s Office reserves the right to prosecute him on this case.

As we reported … Urias was arrested last month in LA after witnesses saw him getting into an argument with a woman, allegedly shoving her around. When cops arrived, the woman denied anything physical had taken place.

At the time, he was placed on leave by the Dodgers.Β 

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