My Cardio For the Week? Memorizing This Shawn Mendes "If I Can't Have You" Dance Routine

Shawn Mendes practically broke the internet (and my ovaries) when he released the music video for his new single “If I Can’t Have You,” and now there’s a correlating dance video to further fuel my obsession with the pop song. Choreographer Kyle Hanagami created an entire routine for the track, pairing Shawn’s buttery-smooth voice with crisp, high-energy movements. The choreography may not call for the same intense, direct-to-camera eye contact that Shawn uses in the music video, but it does require plenty of rapid twirls and jumps that’ll leave you needing “someone to breathe you back to life.” Ha, get it? Watch the upbeat routine above to see a series of talented dancers crushing it.

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