Best Zara Clothes Under $50 | 73 Items to Shop Now

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Zara is an unending treasure trove of chic duds that look more expensive than they are. Zara clothes are the glue that hold any trendy wardrobe together, filling it with affordable basics and budget-friendly statement-makers. And since the store tends to specialize in low prices, stylish Zara clothes under $50 aren’t at all hard to come by.

I know, I know—you only shop Zara twice a year, at one of the store’s (inarguably iconic) biannual blowout sales. Where else can you score $10 tees and $25 blazers—well, $10 tees and $25 blazers that don’t look like they only ran you $10 and $25, respectively? And I get that. The deals are incomparable. But shopping them is pretty stressful. I can’t be the only one who’s added a handful of delightfully trendy, delightfully discounted Zara clothes to my cart—only to have them sell out before I managed to press “buy.”

And really, why partake in this high-anxiety shopping when you can take full advantage of the myriad other deals Zara offers year-round? Why wait to stock up on adorable pieces, when you can already get them for super-low prices—sans the fear of them disappearing before you’ve had the time to type in your credit card info?

Some people practice self-care by soaking their bods in bubble baths and stocking up on cozy blankets; I practice it by shopping reasonably priced items in sale off-seasons. And I’m inviting you to do the same. Here, Zara clothes under $50 you can shop right now. Because good deals don’t have to come with a side of anxiety.

1. Limited Edition Print Skirt, $39.90 at Zara

A matching set sure to leave you looking like you walked straight off the runway.

2. Ruffled Dress, $29.90 at Zara

The perfect pop of color to add to your work wardrobe.

3. Tied Polka Dot Dress, $49.90 at Zara

Zara is high-key making summer polka dots happen, and I am here for it.

4. Limited Edition Draped Top, $39.90 at Zara

A high-fashion top, crafted with barbecue season in mind.

5. Print Dress, $19.99 at Zara

The comfy-cute staple your summer wardrobe needs.

6. Animal Print Heeled Sandals, $49.90 at Zara

Heels that make the most of this year’s snake print trend and this summer’s neon obsession.

7. Colorblock Swimsuit, $17.99 at Zara

Vibrant swimsuits are always a good idea.

8. Printed Shirt, $39.90 at Zara

Not your average tropical print shirt.

9. Tulle Swiss Dot Dress, $39.90 at Zara

I’ve seen this dress in person, and it’s exactly as delightful as you’d expect.

10. Banana Print Shorts, $39.90 at Zara

For the shopper who loves tropical prints so much they want to craft entire outfits from it.

11. Iridescent Mini City Bag, $29.90 at Zara

Long live our collective infatuation with iridescence.

12. Polka Dot Top, $29.90 at Zara

A matching set that wants to take you everywhere this summer.

13. Knotted Polka Dot Jacquard Top, $49.90 at Zara

The tie-front top isn’t going anywhere.

14. Floral Print Dress, $49.90 at Zara

The perfect surprising choice for wedding season—or comfy choice for day-to-day wear.

15. Cropped Denim Jacket, $49.90 at Zara

An anything-but-average denim jacket to add to your summer arsenal.

16. Sequin Wrap Dress, $49.90 at Zara

Mark my words—summer sequins are happening. (Or at least, they’re about to happen.)

17. Vinyl Shopper Bag, $39.90 at Zara

Simultaneously retro and contemporary—if that’s not a sweet spot, I don’t know what is.

18. Printed Halter Top, $19.90 at Zara

Throw it over jeans, leggings, bike shorts or any other bottom in your closet—and you’ll have a statement-making summer look in no time.

19. Polka Dot Dress, $39.90 at Zara

Zara can’t stop, won’t stop with the polka dots—and I’m shopping all of ’em.

20. Feather Sandals, $49.90 at Zara

I mean, when life hands you an opportunity to wear feathers in the summer, you take it—right?

21. Front Print T-Shirt, $17.90 at Zara

A graphic tee that low-key doubles as a work of art.

22. Textured Ruffle Dress, $25.90 at Zara

A less expected way into summer’s ruffle trend.

23. Buttoned Jumpsuit Dress, $29.90 at Zara

Part romper, part dress, part polo—all cute.

24. Printed Scarf, $17.90 at Zara

Don’t sleep on summer scarves—they’re here to elevate your outfits and keep you comfy on breezy days.

25. Lip Print Dress, $29.90 at Zara

Lip-print polka dots were the kitschy-chic pattern I had no idea I needed.

26. Slim-Fit Hi-Rise Jeans, $39.90 at Zara

Because on neon yellow denim piece simply isn’t enough.

27. Print Dress, $29.90 at Zara

Proof gingham can skew veritably sleek and sexy when need be.

28. Animal Print Skirt, $39.90 at Zara

Don’t underestimate the power of a summer animal print.

29. Limited Edition Balloon-Sleeve Top, $39.90 at Zara

A top so avant-garde it could elevate even the most casual pair of jeans.

30. Toucan Swimsuit, $17.99 at Zara

Fodder for your next summer Instagram.

31. Quilted Shopper Bag, $49.90 at Zara

For the shopper who’s not willing to part with puffer detailing just yet.

32. Floral Print Dress, $49.90 at Zara

The kind of thing you pray to dig out of a thrift store bin.

33. Gingham Pants, $29.90 at Zara

Gingham. Power. Suit.

34. Cropped Jacket with Pockets, $39.90 at Zara

For days when you want a break from your denim jacket norm.

35. Natural Colored Woven Flat Sandals, $49.90 at Zara

Woven sandals so cute you might catch yourself staring at your feet all day.

36. Floral Print Shorts, $39.90 at Zara

Another tropical print matching set, because life is good!!

37. Satin Dress, $29.99 at Zara

Because slips aren’t the only way to do summer satin.

38. ZW Premium Skinny Splash Jeans, $49.90 at Zara

Skinny jeans that make the most of summer’s tie-dye obsession.

39. Colorful Hoop Earrings, $19.90 at Zara

May you never be forced to choose between hoops and turquoise jewelry again.

40. Satin Skirt, $39.90 at Zara

The most sophisticated way to do summer neons.

41. Oversized Poplin Shirt, $39.90 at Zara

A shirt that fully understands your love of Pantone.

42. Stretch Fabric Sneakers, $49.90 at Zara

Because you deserve to look on-trend AF, even when you’re just hitting the gym.

43. Striped Textured Weave Dress, $39.90 at Zara

Need a statement-making job interview dress? Look no further.

44. Cargo Pants, $39.90 at Zara

The cargo pant is still very present, and summer’s iterations offer all kinds of relaxed comfort.

45. T-Shirt with Front Text, $12.90 at Zara

A T-shirt with just enough detail to feel dressed up.

46. Velvet Animal Print Slingback Heels, $49.90 at Zara

May your summer be velvet- and animal print-filled.

47. Multicolored Bead Shopper Bag, $49.90 at Zara

Beaded bags are still on the sartorial menu, and I’m obsessed with all of them.

48. T-Shirt with Text, $17.90 at Zara

A tee that just gets you.

49. Packable Raincoat, $39.90 at Zara

Who said a raincoat had to cramp your style?

50. Striped Rustic Dress, $39.90 at Zara

Update your 9-to-5 rotation, the summer way.

51. Resin Earrings, $19.90 at Zara

Statement earrings that could take you anywhere.

52. Natural Jute Clutch, $39.90 at Zara

A clutch sure to complement—not compete with—the rest of your beachy summer wardrobe.

53. Textured Knit Sweater, $17.99 at Zara

Don’t hate on summer sweaters—they’re cute, cozy and here for you on breezy days.

54. Printed Asymmetric Skirt, $39.90 at Zara

A not-so-obvious take on 2019’s satin skirt movement.

55. Two-Toned Handbag, $49.90 at Zara

A practical necessity that can double as the focal point of your look.

56. Packable Raincoat, $39.90 at Zara

Another cute raincoat. Because you deserve to stay dry without sacrificing style.

57. ZW Premium Marine Straight Jeans, $49.90 at Zara

Jeans that can hold their own against your funnest summer pieces.

58. Balloon-Sleeve Knit Dress, $49.90 at Zara

An LBD that’s as fun as you are.

59. Recycled Tie-Dye Shopper, $29.90 at Zara

Perfect for days spent at the beach, trips to the grocery and every other context where you’re just carrying a lot of shit.

60. Long Printed Dress, $39.90 at Zara

A print that’s equal parts striking and unexpected.

61. Lingerie-Style Top, $19.90 at Zara

A fresh take on the satin slip movement.

62. Heeled Animal Print Ankle Boots, $49.90 at Zara

Summer booties sure to play well with your favorite sundresses, summer skirts and more.

63. Printed Gathered Blouse, $49.90 at Zara

My boss owns this blouse, and it’s hella cute in person. And did I mention Zara has a pair of matching pants on offer, too?

64. Special Edition Carved Gold Bag, $49.90 at Zara

It might be too small to hold all your shit, but it’s so cute you probably won’t care.

65. Gingham Jumpsuit, $29.90 at Zara

An absolute classic.

66. Striped Dress, $39.90 at Zara

Perfect for days at the office, weekends at the park and everything in between.

67. Shell Necklace and Anklet Pack, $25.90 at Zara

Undoubtedly one of the funnest shell pieces I’ve laid eyes on this season.

68. Fringed Crocheted Top, $39.90 at Zara

A low-key bold addition to any night-out wardrobe.

69. Block Color Dress, $29.90 at Zara

Yet another way into the slip dress movement.

70. Rustic Striped Shorts, $25.90 at Zara

A matching set so comfy-cute you’ll be searching for excuses to wear it.

71. Animal Print Heeled Sandals, $39.90 at Zara

The perfect pop of summer animal prints to spice up your summer wardrobe.

72. Oversized Tie-Dye Shirt, $39.90 at Zara

Tie-dye—but make it super sophisticated.

73. Lemon Print Skirt, $39.90 at Zara

Look, I can’t resist fruit print anything—let alone a fruit print matching set.


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Originally published February 2019. Updated May 2019.

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