Wrestler Silver King Dead at 51, Dies in Ring During Match

Wrestler Silver King

Dead at 51

… Dies in Ring

5/12/2019 7:02 AM PDT

Former WCW wrestler Silver King, who also starred in the 2005 comedy “Nacho Libre” with Jack Black, died Saturday night in the ring.

Silver King was playing his tried-and-true role of villain in London at the Roundhouse when he suffered a heart attack, collapsing and dying. Authorities say he died at the venue.

The 51-year-old Mexican wrestler, whose real name is Cesar Barron, was part of the Lucha Libre event.  He was playing Ramses, the bad guy character he played in “Nacho Libre.”

London Metro Cops say they’re treating the death as “non-suspicious.

The WWE, the org where Barron became famous, said, “WWE extends its deepest condolences to Silver King’s family, friends and fans.”

The fight that got him the most attention was back in ’98, during a WCW Cruiserweight Championship when he lost to Juventud Guerrera.

Jack Black posted a Spanish tribute, translated … “Go with God, brother.”

He was 51.  RIP. 


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