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Taylor Swift’s current obsession is ‘Game Of Thrones’. And she loves the show so much that it inspired a lot of songs from her last album, ‘Reputation’.

Taylor Swift, 29, is back with a new album, and while that’s exciting in and of itself, we’re also freaking out over the fact that she’s a huge Game Of Thrones fan. In fact, Taylor said she loves the show so much that it actually inspired a lot of songs on reputation. “So much of my imagination was spent on Game of Thrones,” she told the magazine. “At the time, I was making reputation and I didn’t talk about it in interviews, so I didn’t reveal that a lot of the songs were influenced by the show.”

“These songs were half based on what I was going through, but seeing them through a Game of Thrones filter,” she said. “‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is literally Arya Stark’s kill list. ‘King of My Heart’ was influenced by Khal Drogo and Daenerys. It’s even got this post-hook of drums — I wanted them to sound like Dothraki drums.” Taylor revealed that she also wrote lines based on plots from season 7 right before the record dropped. “‘I Did Something Bad’ I wrote after Arya and Sansa conspire to kill Littlefinger,” she said. That and “Look What You Made Me Do,” she added, “are very Cersei vibes, too. Daenerys as well.”

Taylor then went on to say that Game Of Thrones pushed her to up her music game. “My entire outlook on storytelling has been shaped by [Thrones] — the ability to foreshadow stories, to meticulously craft cryptic story lines,” she said. “So, I found ways to get more cryptic with information and still be able to share messages with the fans. I aspire to be one one-millionth of the kind of hint dropper the makers of Game of Thrones have been.”

Courtesy of Peggy Sirota for EW

As for who she thinks will end up on the Iron Throne when the show ends on May 19, Taylor said, “Daenerys, Arya, or Sansa. But if I’m being realistic, I think Sansa has the skill set and the ability to delegate and put on a brave face but a stoic demeanor.”

Think she’s right? New episode of Game Of Thrones air Sundays on HBO.

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