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50 Cent is now trying to collect an alleged debt from a new person: Jackie Long. Shortly after demanding the money, Ray J showed his support for Jackie — so 50 retaliated.

Here we go again. The Bank of Fofty is back with a new alleged debt it’s trying to claim, this time from Games People Play star Jackie Long, 37. Somehow, Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s names got dragged into the mix. It all started when 50 Cent, 43, posted a photo of Jackie to his Instagram on May 9 and wrote, “This punk ass ***** @jackielong better give me my money. You on BET now you can have mine by Monday fool. 😤” Jackie was quick to respond, claiming that he already paid up $250,000 and so he doesn’t know why 50 is “b*tching.” 50 apparently wanted “interest” and claimed that he saved Jackie’s life because “puff was gonna kill” him — you can see the exchange below. The actor and film producer doesn’t appear too fazed, though, because he also commented with an “lol.”

Ray couldn’t stand by and watch Jackie’s name be attacked, so the “Sexy Can I” rapper tried to hype up his friend shortly after 50 made the debt accusation. He shared a photo with Jackie and captioned it, “Now we calling @jackielong Billboard Jack! Bc everywhere we drive in Hollywood I see a big ass billboard of tha homie!! #LevelUp 🔥 #progression — 💰💰.” The show of camaraderie didn’t go unnoticed by 50. He dragged Ray into the feud, as he posted a photo of both the rapper and Jackie and wrote, “@rayj putting up pictures of this ***** he owe me money.😤 I’m not like you ray you let @kimkardashian run off wit all the f***ing money.😠mind ya business .”

That’s right — 50 just took a dig at Kim and Ray’s differing net worths, years after their headline-making sex tape was released in 2003. However, Ray had previously said “no” when asked if he felt like he “made” his now iconic ex because of the sex tape while speaking on the April 24th episode of Logan Paul’s podcast. So the sex tape joke is quite tired, actually.

50 Cent demands ‘interest’ from Jackie Long after the actor already paid his debt. (Courtesy of @50cent/Instagram)

Ray wasn’t the only one to come to Jackie’s defense — and therefore be called out on 50’s page. Nick Cannon went on Jackie’s Instagram page and urged the actor to not let 50 “bully” him, which earned The Masked Singer host a cameo on 50’s page and more shade. Jackie can play 50’s game too, however, as he posted a picture of the rapper on his own Instagram page and wrote, “@50cent if you give me money and I give right back what the f*** you mad about. Get the f*** outta here !!!”

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