Mama June’s Crack Arrest Lawyer Quits Case, Says She Went Radio Silent

Mama June

Lawyer Quits on Crack Case …

Says She’s Gone Dark

5/8/2019 7:34 AM PDT


Mama June and her boyfriend are in the market for a new lawyer in their crack cocaine arrests … ’cause the one they had is done trying to defend ’em since they won’t even talk to him.

George B. Bulls II filed a request to be taken off the case, and the judge signed off on it. Bulls says ever since June and her BF, Geno Doak, were busted back in March … he’s made several attempts to contact his clients, but to no avail. 

Bulls says aside from June and “Cracky Bear” NOT communicating with him … he claims they’ve “failed to comply” with their attorney/client agreement.

You’ll recall … the couple was busted for possession of crack cocaine and paraphernalia — including a needle and a pipe — while at an Alabama gas station.

While they’re not talking to their now ex-attorney, June and Geno still appear to be thick as thieves. Just a few days after their arrests … they were trying to hit the jackpot at a casino … and they’ve been spotted there multiple times since.

They’re gonna need some winnings for a new retainer. 

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