Katy Perry on Her Met Gala Star Collision with J.Lo While Dressed as a Cheeseburger

Katy Perry wowed the crowd at the Met Gala with her chandelier and cheeseburger outfits, and now she’s debuting her spring 2019 shoe collection at Macy’s Herald Square.

“Extra’s” fashion guru and O’ Magazine Creative Director Adam Glassman caught up with Perry, who dished on her two unforgettable Met looks.

Joking about her cheeseburger getup, she said, “I survived like a tasty snack,” before telling Adam all about that gone-viral star collision with Jennifer Lopez in the bathroom. “J.Lo and everyone else… by that time people were just used to seeing me in a massive cheeseburger… I mean she was like, ‘Well this is the Met, ya know, here’s the cheeseburger, to my left, go figure’… I had so many people that would just like stop me, like Penelope Cruz.”

Check out the video of Katy and J.Lo below by stylist Jamie Mizrahi.

She added, “Benedict Cumberbatch was like, ‘I’ve got to just stick my head next to you, like do a photo… it was just, like, all these legends. I was like, ‘Wow, I should dress like a cheeseburger all the time.’”

Then, everyone helped her when she toppled over. She said with a smile, “I’m really committed to performance art… and I knew I was doing this whole gag like, ‘Are you okay? Are you okay? I’m like, ‘Yes, I’m okay. Help me up.’ It was ridiculous.”


She also talked about the inspiration behind her chandelier dress, designed by Jeremy Scott. “He came up with the brilliant idea… I feel very in touch with God and the universe, and I consider myself as a light worker… someone who likes to operate in joy and positivity and light. So I thought that was very symbolic for me.”

As for her entrance, she revealed, “Well, it was really a balancing act completely… I had to be really steady, like, no one can touch me or I’d teeter over.”


Katy, who was wearing watermelon shoes, shared the inspiration behind her Katy Perry Collection at Macy’s Herald Square. “These are my watermelon [shoes]… so this is a picnic. I feel like a walking picnic with my watermelon and my ice, ready to have my drink, and this is the blanket, and these are the flowers around me… I love my shoes so much. I love showing off my personality through the tip of my toes. I always say that they stop traffic and start beautiful conversations. I just like expressing myself via fashion.”

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