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Game of Thrones is nearing the end. Only two weeks left of HBO’s hit series.  The eighth season has caused many fans to speculate on what the end of the story might bring. This new fan theory about Daenery’s dragons is, admittedly, a stretch. But there’s arguably some good evidence to back it up. *Spoilers ahead* Dany has dealt with a lot of loss this season. First, Jorah and now her beloved Rhaegal. Euron literally shot him out of the sky (very good aim…maybe too good…). Regardless, it was a devastating loss for many reasons. First, we love the dragons. Second, we love Daenerys. And she loves her dragons so much so the loss had us grieving Rhaegal and feeling empathy for Dany. Lastly, the war is now way too even. She was already at a disadvantage when she lost her first dragon to the Night King. As Tyrion pointed out, their loss of men in the Battle at Winterfell and the two dragons put them pretty much equal to Cersei’s army. But now? Only one dragon against weapons that, as we’ve seen, can easily take him down? Uh-oh.

But wait! This fan theory suggests we might not have to worry. Some GOT fans are convinced Dany’s favorite dragon, Drogon, might have given birth to lots of baby dragons back in season five. Up until now, we’ve believed—and been told—that Dragon in a male dragon. But apparently you can’t truly tell the sex of a dragon until they lay eggs. So some believe that might be what Drogon did.

“The theory states that in the fifth season, when Drogon spends almost a whole season gone, he’s actually laying eggs and is, in fact, a female. That’s why he was burning fields full of sheep, goats, etc. to feed the baby dragons.”


Like we said, it’s a bit of a stretch. And feels like it would be too good to be true. But once reason we’re inclined to put faith in this theory is because of the trailer for the next episode. Euron can be seen looking up to the sky with a look of shock/horror/dread. Whatever you want to call it. But this doesn’t totally make sense. Everyone has seen the dragons, including Euron who just literally shot one out of the sky (why did no one think to put armor on them? Just wondering). So he shouldn’t be shocked to see Daenerys flying toward him on Dragon. But he would be shocked and worried if a whole fleet of new dragons was headed toward Kings Landing.

It also could just be a look of sheer determination. But new dragons would make for an interesting twist. It would also make Daenerys’ win far more likely. TBH we can’t really see her ending up on the throne. But the show may give us false hope by leading us to believe she’ll succeed with the hypothetical fleet of dragons only to have her die in like, a super sad way. Who knows? She may survive. She may succeed. She probably will only have Drogon and no new dragons. But hey—we’re open to any possibility right now.

Emilia Clarke in "Game Of Thrones"

Image: HBO.

Emilia Clarke has warned this week’s episode—episode five—is going to be “insane.” So prepare. The end is coming.

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