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Emma Roberts looks gorgeous on the cover of ‘Cosmo’s June issue, in which she opens up about the end of her engagement to Evan Peters for the first time.

Two months after her heartbreaking final split from fiancé Evan Peters, Emma Roberts is finally opening up about the end of their seven-year relationship. Emma, 28, and Evan, 32, had a volatile, on-again, off-again relationship, but realizing that they were actually over for good was understandably “hard” for the actress. “I think that no matter who you are or what you do or wherever in the world you are, anything ending is hard. Losing something is hard,” she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan. “And the only thing I can say for that is—What can I say for that? I’m realizing that life is highs and lows. I’m trying to ride them out and live somewhere in the middle. When you’re low, you think it’s never going to end. When you’re high, you’re so scared of it ending. And I’ve lived in both of those places for too long.”

Though she doesn’t mention Evan, her four-time American Horror Story co-star by name, it’s clear who she’s talking about in the magazine’s June issue. Emma went on to say that she doesn’t like to “talk about relationships I’m in or that are ending or have ended. It’s hard enough to be with someone by yourself, let alone with an audience.” But, she did say that she’s loving her single life! “It’s been fun to really choose how I’m spending my time. I’ve had days when I’ve woken up and haven’t had to do anything other than what I want to do, and that’s been so fun.”

Emma looks positively stunning on the cover of Cosmo, and in the inside spread. On the cover of the June issue, Emma is wearing a black bra, and a pair of high-waisted underwear, also in black. Her body is incredible! Her new brown hair and bold brows are absolutely perfect. Inside the issue, Emma not only rocks a red carpet-worthy, orange gown, but goes topless in a sultry bedroom shot. You can see both pics below!

Ellen von Unwerth/Cosmopolitan
Emma Roberts Cosmo
Ellen von Unwerth/Cosmopolitan

Emma’s June issue of Cosmopolitan hits newsstands on May 14!

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