Met Gala 2019 Pastel Hair Trend Is Super Campy

So far tonight, the “Camp: Notes on Fashion” theme for Met Gala 2019 has been interpreted in a bunch of different ways: hair bows, skeleton dresses, and headdresses, to name a few. For some stars, it’s all about pastel hair. At first I wasn’t sure about the campy aspect of the hair but colorful wigs like these do scream humor and fun, which is basically what camp is.

Take Regina Hall for instance. The Little actress always looks amazing (how does she do it?), but tonight she added a little camp to her usual glam style to stay on theme. We love the way her pink extensions blend seamlessly with dark brown/black hair. The rose shade matches perfectly to her pink lips and cheeks, and even a bit on her lids. Her eyes are rimmed with what looks like crystals. It’s a vibe that dares you to look away—which nails camp.

Image: Shutterstock.

Laverne Cox also tried pastel hair but she went in a totally different direction. She rocked a turquoise wig that exactly matched her turquoise eyeshadow. Cox completed the look with a deep purple lip. The whole pastel vibe perfectly clashes with her all-black ensemble—in the best way, of course.

laverne cox met gala hair Pastel Hair is Lighting Up the 2019 Met Gala Red Carpet

Image: Shutterstock.

Between Lady Gaga’s 3D spiked lashes and hair bows, Ashley Graham’s hair accessories and Billy Porter’s sequin makeup, it looks like a camp theme is all stars needed to really turn it up and make sure all eyes were on them on the red carpet.

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