Met Gala 2019 Lady Gaga Makeup Is Over-the-Top Magic

As a host of the event, along with Harry Styles, Lady Gaga unsurprisingly nailed the “Camp: Notes on Fashion” theme at the 2019 Met Gala. She’s made for style as she basically created a career around iconic campy outfits. The meat dress and red makeup from the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? Camp. The nun’s habit from 2010 Lollapalooza? Super camp. The faux telephones on her head during her 2010 press tour for “Telephone?” High camp. She’s got this down.

For past Met Galas, Lady Gaga has surprisingly been not-so-campy when it comes to her looks. Sure, she skipped pants altogether in 2018 and wore an oversized kimono and intense black brows in 2015, but the style was less campy and more bold. This year, she turned up the camp just in time.

Gaga was one of the first to arrive at the Met Gala (or should we call it Met Gaga?) but already set the stage for what exactly camp is. She’s wearing an avant-guard pink dress with a long train, and changed multiple times to show off different parts of her costume throughout the red carpet. Her hair, most likely a wig, is in a retro white-blonde bob with bangs and tiny little hair bows on top. (A nod to her “Monster days?) And just look at those 3D, spiked lashes she paired with a hot pink lip.

Image: Shutterstock.

There’s no news yet on who is responsible for this wild creation but it could very be her longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno. She’s also the resident makeup artist for Gaga’s upcoming beauty line, Haus of Gaga. Is she wearing some of that collection here? We’ll find out soon.

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