Ted Bundy Survivor Says Zac Efron Movie Doesn’t Need Blood, Gore

Ted Bundy Survivor

Zac Efron Movie Didn’t Need Gore

It’s Not a Horror Flick!!!

5/5/2019 12:30 AM PDT


Zac Efron‘s movie about Ted Bundy is pissing off a lot of people who were expecting tons of bloodshed and violence — but one survivor of Bundy’s killing spree says the lack of gore is a good thing.

Kathy Kleiner Rubin — who was brutalized by Bundy and left for dead at Florida State University’s Chi Omega house way back in 1978 — tells us she thinks the Netflix adaption works better without massive amounts of blood, because it’s not supposed to be a horror flick.

Sorry, bloodthirsty millennials … Kathy says it’s better to use your imagination, or just take the time to read up on Bundy’s brutal murders. 

Check out our clip … Kathy gets super emotional as she talks about Bundy’s long list of female victims, telling us Netflix did a great job portraying them even though it’s difficult to tell their full stories in one movie. 

Kathy says Netflix made up for any shortcomings in telling the victims’ stories by including the names of all 36 women in memoriam at the end of the movie.

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