Steph Curry’s Dislocated Finger Looks Like a Lightning Bolt

Steph Curry

Dislocated Finger

Looks Like a Lightning Bolt

5/1/2019 9:42 AM PDT

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Two things in this photo …

1) Check out the pic of Steph Curry‘s gnarly dislocated finger from Tuesday night’s playoff game against the Houston Rockets … pretty sick, right?

2) Did you also know Steph Curry has a Hebrew tattoo on his left hand? 

Wanna know what it says? When read phonetically, it’s pronounced “Curry.”

As for the finger … seems the Golden State Warriors training staff popped it back in and taped it up … and of course, he went back to hitting shots like nothing was wrong. 

The Warriors ended up winning the game 115 to 109 … with Curry dropping 20. 

Now, the Warriors are up in the series 2-0. 

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