New Moon May 2019 Meaning | 4 Signs Most Affected

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New moon, new me, etc. This Saturday, May 4, a new lunar cycle in Taurus begins as Aries reaches its conclusion. So like, what does this mean for us? Well, a new moon in Taurus is the perfect opportunity to make sure we are present not only in our minds—but in our physical bodies as well.

When’s the last time you bought a really freaking soft T-shirt? Or ate something so mind-bendingly good you actually got chills? When’s the last time you sweat so hard that after you took a shower, you literally felt like a completely different person? Mindfulness-for-sale loves to focus on our big juicy brains—which is great. But our minds are only part of being present. Some of the most profound joys in life are physical. Laughter, exercise, contentment, the kind of conversations that require every part of you to listen and collaborate. Now is the time to check in with your physical body. More often than not, you should feel good.

Is it time to upgrade your couch? Are you sitting at a desk all day? Or standing on your feet? Seek out the little irritations in each day and find effective ways to try fix as many of them as possible. Over time, these small changes will save you.

With Taurus energy being fully utilized this new moon, we all should capitalize where we can for small but meaningful changes. So often, we look at the big picture that small errands—broken shoes, unhung pictures, overpaying for car insurance—pile up. It’s only when the small stuff becomes overwhelming that we tackle it all. But let’s break that cycle this new moon. You are allowed and deserve to have free time. Finishing things feels GOOD. For the brain, for the body, for the soul.

While all signs while see major benefits from a physical-life audit—four signs are especially susceptible and in need of review.

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Virgo –

Focus on your energy, Virgo babies. Where is it going? By this I mean your mental and physical energy. Are you falling asleep at 3 P.M.? Or do you just feel groggy or gross? If so, consider getting a check-up—vitamin D, B-12, etc. Because when your energy is on point, you’re on fire, and you sparkle like a gold-ass necklace. So protect your spark. Whatever that means for you.

Taurus 1 The 4 Signs That Will Feel Saturday’s New Moon the Most

Taurus –

This new moon, be a negative cycle-breaker. Just because you or your family or your friends have always done something one way (deal with conflict by isolating, self-rejecting to protect against others, etc.) doesn’t mean its healthy for you. Jot down the biggest problems you’ve had in the past six months. Do any of them seem familiar? If so, dig deeper. Dig different.

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Capricorn –

Take a deep breath. And then another. And then another. Ad infinitum, sweet one. Your charismatic ambition makes you take in life at warp speed. And now, it’s time to slow down. Fight the urge to rush, or push through. This is your life. There is no rushing through these wonderful, windy, sometimes-terrible and mostly-incredible years. Taking action isn’t a problem for you—so try something new. Sit back in your chair and watch life happen. Just a little bit. Long enough to read a good book or feel like yourself again. The world will wait.

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Image: Sprios Halaris.

Aries –

It’s never too late to revisit the foundational skills of life. Think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs—not exactly sexy, but pretty freaking crucial in order to be a sort-of functioning person. Have you been paying attention to what you need? If not, it’s time to go back to the basics. Scale down to the essentials, and then add in only that which brings you joy. It might be less than you think.

Don’t forget to check your rising sign, and remember—new moons are great for new starts, but you’re fine exactly where you are. Don’t rush through anything—feel all of it. Good, bad, neutral. Laugh in amazement at the big-headed baby in Costco. Don’t finish gross burritos. Spread your toes wide on your yoga mat and give thanks for really friendly old dogs.

These small things add up and shine until they’re a treasure trove all their own.

Love, love, love.

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