‘Game of Thrones’ Betting Odds Shake-up for Arya After Battle of Winterfell

‘Game of Thrones’

Arya Top Pick to Die

After Battle of Winterfell!!!

4/29/2019 12:39 PM PDT


“Game of Thrones” fans got the battle they’ve been waiting for with Sunday’s “The Long Night” episode, and it had a major impact on the betting world.


If you haven’t seen the epic Battle of Winterfell … last chance to look away, but here’s an updated rundown, from the oddsmakers at SportsBetting.ag, heading into the final 3 episodes:

Arya Stark — currently the ‘GoT’ G.O.A.T. — might not get to enjoy her Winterfell triumph for long … she’s jumped to 12/1 odds as the next character to perish, after being 33/1 last week.

She’s not the favorite to die next, though — that title goes to The Mountain at 11/4, followed by Rhaegal the dragon at 4/1, The Hound at 4/1, Grey Worm at 5/1 and Bronn and Euron Greyjoy at 8/1.

Interestingly, Jaime Lannister is 16/1 to die next, after being the fave last week at 5/1.

Cersei Lannister — who hasn’t even been seen in the past 2 episodes — will be back in action next week and is moving up as one of the favorites to sit on the Iron Throne.

She’s gone from 22/1 odds to rule Westeros last week all the way to 9/1. Tyrion’s odds have also drastically changed — he’s now a top-3 favorite at 5/1, behind Jon Snow at 3/1 and Sansa Stark at 9/2.

Bran — who was the favorite to rule the Seven Kingdoms at the beginning of the season at 2/1 — is now 8/1 along with Daenerys Targaryen and Arya. 

Other popular bets to make include who, if anyone, will kill Cersei. Jaime’s the favorite at 3/2 while Arya is 5/2 and Tyrion is 5/1.

The strangest twist after episode 3, though … Samwell Tarly is gaining bets for the last character to speak in the season finale. The action suggests there could be a leak from ‘GoT’ insiders, and he’s now the favorite at even money.

And, for those of you who wagered the Night King would survive Winterfell … we got 2 words for ya.

“Not today.”

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