50 Cent Says Lala Kent’s Fiance, Randall Emmett, Paid Back $1 Million Loan

50 Cent

Randall Emmett Finally Paid Up

I’ll Stop Bashing Him Now

4/29/2019 11:13 AM PDT

50 Cent is an excellent debt collector … he says Hollywood producer Randall Emmett paid back a $1 million loan in full, meeting 50’s self-imposed deadline. 

Fiddy says Randall squared up his debts Monday, and the rapper decided he’s going to stop annihilating Emmett on social media … but not before getting one last shot in. 

As we reported … 50 started went nuclear on Randall over the weekend, threatening physical violence if Emmett didn’t pay back a million dollar loan, and setting a Monday deadline to get his money back.

Fiddy wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty to get his cash … comparing Randall to Harvey Weinstein and drudging up old clips of Emmett’s fiancee, “Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent, mocking her for admitting Randall gifted her a Range Rover after the first time the couple had sex. 

50 also posted screenshots of texts with Randall — a fellow executive producer on “Power” — calling him a “f***ing loser.” 

After Fiddy started his social media shaming, he says Randall immediately sent him $250k … but he kept hounding Randall and now they’re all squared away.

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