Harvard Alums Pissed About Blac Chyna ‘Acceptance Letter,’ Alerted School

Blac Chyna

Pissed Harvard Grads Alert School

To Fake Ass ‘Acceptance’

4/27/2019 1:00 AM PDT


Blac Chyna might have flown under the radar of Harvard honchos, if not for a flood of irate alums who put the school on notice about her apparent acceptance into the online business program. 

TMZ broke the story … Chyna and her team told us she’d soon begin an online business analytics class with Harvard next month. Hours after the story was posted, with the “acceptance letter” Chyna provided us, Harvard reached out and said she’s totally full of crap. In more Ivy League-ish terms, of course. 

A member of Harvard’s Board of Alumni tells us the story sent waves of rage through grads. We’re told the online business school was already a point of contention with alumni, but the idea that Chyna was in line to get Harvard credit … was the final straw. 

The board member says he got several calls demanding the school take action — by putting an end to every average Joe’s admission into the online program, which they feel sullies the school’s legendary rep. 

We’re told the alum outrage spurred Harvard’s investigation and Chyna’s eventual outing.

As we reported — the whole thing unearthed an insane scam — a PR firm proposing to Chyna’s team that it would complete the online course on her behalf for just $1,000.

Neither Chyna nor the firm will fess up to who crafted the fake acceptance letter. 

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