‘Jane the Virgin’ Stars Gina Rodriguez & Justin Baldoni Shoot Wedding Scene

‘Jane the Virgin’

Spoiler Alert!!!

Jane’s Tying the Knot with …

4/25/2019 6:57 AM PDT

Avert your eyes, “Jane the Virgin” fans, because we’ve got a potential spoiler for the fifth and final season … even though it’s probably not THAT much of a surprise.

If ya don’t know … in the very first episode of the show, Jane — played by Gina Rodriguez — accidentally gets pregnant via artificial insemination, and the unwitting biological father is her former teenage crush, Rafael — played by Justin Baldoni.

Long story short — the 2 grow closer as a result of their unique situation, and these pics seem to reveal … it leads to marriage.

Gina and Justin were spotted shooting a wedding scene in L.A. Wednesday, and all signs point to Jane being the bride … and Rafael being the groom.

Now, ‘Jane’ fans know she’s been caught up in a love triangle for some time — between Rafael and Michael — so getting hitched to Raf is certain to delight … and disappoint.

Then again, they could have been filming a dream sequence or some other curveball could come into play.

All we know is what we see in the photos.

The final season of “Jane the Virgin” premiered in March and the finale will air this summer. 

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