Sofía Carson Talks Music Forward, Plus: She’s Dishing on ‘PLL: Perfectionists’ and ‘Descendants 3’

Actress and singer Sofía Carson is giving us the scoop on her work for the Music Forward Foundation, the big lesson unfolding on “Pretty Little Liars: Perfectionists,” and the epic new “Descendants” movie.

Carson is an ambassador for Music Forward, a free program from Live Nation and House of Blues that helps young emerging artists learn about the music industry.

Sofía opened up to “Extra” after her Bringing Down the House workshop, where she sat down with a group of aspiring youth to share her story and answer questions. The young people will go on to perform a free live showcase at the Wiltern on May 23. Learn more here!

Carson praised the organization for “transforming lives” and told us, “It has been such a magical journey being able to share my experiences, my struggles, my successes with them, to help them in any way that I can is such a beautiful thing. And to hear their fears, their excitements, whatever it is going through their minds, I’m sure it is going through mine as well. It is a beautiful thing that can connect us in a way.”

The actress was also up for talking about Freeform’s “PLL: Perfectionists” calling herself “the biggest fan of the show” before being cast as Ava. She said of working with “Pretty Little Liars” alum Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish, “It is still surreal whenever I share a scene with them because to me they are still Alison and Mona… so I have to pinch myself sometimes.”

As far as what’s in store for Ava, Dylan and Caitlin, she said, “My favorite part of my show is the relationship that grows between the three Perfectionists and how that is kind of their salvation in a way, so you will get to see them learn to trust each other.”


The star went on to reveal they will learn the “most valuable lesson of them all and it is that we are the furthest things from perfect, nor should we ever strive to be perfect or pretend to be so because it is such a scary and dark thing to do that, and instead to love and embrace our imperfections and love and embrace each other’s imperfections. It is a really beautiful thing you will see evolve throughout the show.”

Sofía also stars as Evie in “Descendants 3”! The movie will air on Disney Channel in summer 2019, and she shared, “We tell a very meaningful and important story and we stand for the outcast and the kids who never fit in and for the first time they are our protagonists, they are heroes, and it such an important thing to do.”

How would she describe the movie? “’Descendants 3’ is grand, it is epic, it is heartfelt, it is emotional, it is adventurous… it is all the things you can imagine it will be. I think it is going to be really emotional for a lot of us because it is the third chapter of a journey that meant so much to so many people.”



The singer has new music on the way too! She told us, “I have spent so many days and nights over the last year in the studio. It is one of my favorite places in the world to be and I can’t wait to share this music with the world… there is going to be music coming sooner than you think!”

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