Luke Walton’s Attorney Slams Accuser, You Have No Evidence!

Luke Walton’s Attorney

Slams Accuser

You Have No Evidence!

4/24/2019 12:19 PM PDT

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Luke Walton‘s attorney was clearly watching Kelli Tennant spell out her case against the NBA coach on Tuesday — and his takeaway is simple … YOU HAVE NO EVIDENCE!

“Yesterday’s press conference was a poorly staged attempt to portray the accuser as a viable spokesperson for an important movement,” attorney Mark Baute tells TMZ Sports

“These claims are false and Luke’s innocence will be proven in court.”

“[Tennant’s] lawyers want to create a public circus to distract from their complete lack of evidence to support their outrageous claims. We will not try this case in the media or pay them a dime.”

Tennant and her attorneys held a press conference on Tuesday — where she fought back tears as she walked reporters through her sexual assault claim against Walton. 

Tennant claims Walton pinned her down and forcibly kissed her in his hotel room during a 2014 encounter. She claims she repeatedly told Walton to stop and fought to escape. 

During the press conference, TMZ Sports asked Tennant and her attorneys if they had any hard evidence — injury photos, video, etc. — and they essentially said no. 

Clearly, Walton’s team picked up on that — and feel Tennant’s case has no legs. 

Walton has previously denied the allegations and said the accuser is nothing more than an “opportunist.”

When Tennant and her lawyers were asked why she never went to police, she claimed she was too scared to come forward. 

They also said their goal is not to put Walton behind bars — but rather win a civil lawsuit against the NBA star. However, they did not mention a specific financial sum they’re looking for. 

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