Has Mefhan Markle Had Baby Yet? Prince Harry royal Baby Clue

Two weeks ago, Kensington Palace announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were planning to keep their lives more private—including the birth of their royal baby. So everyone is wondering…has Meghan Markle had her royal baby yet? Normally, a press release and a photo-op post-birth takes place on the steps of the Lindo Wing at Saint Mary’s Hospital. Kate Middleton has followed royal protocol with the birth of all three of her children, as did Princess Diana when she gave birth to William and Harry. But Prince Harry and Markle are opting out of tradition and attempting to have a  less-public  pregnancy and birth. But that begs the question—how will we know when the newest heir to the throne is born? Well, there are some theories circling around the baby’s arrival. Let’s dive in.

Prince Louis just turned one! And Kensington Palace shared an absolutely adorable photograph of the little Prince. He also 100 percent looks like his father, just saying. Anyway—Markle and/or Harry commented on the post with their personal account, @SussexRoyal. The pair wrote, “Happy Birthday Louis! Sending lots of love from both of us.” So it’s obvious that one of them has Instagram downloaded and decided to pen (type) that message to their nephew. (Or it’s someone in Kensington Palace writing for them, but we’re hopeful it’s the actual Sussexes.) So cute. And ALSO so telling. Because do you see how they wrote “both of us”? And not “all of us” or “the three of us”? If the newest royal had arrived, they might’ve included that baby in the well-wishes. But it seems like the birthday message came only from Markle and Prince Harry.

BTW—here’s the OG source for that clue. Well done, people. Well done.

 Has Meghan Markle Had Her Baby Yet? This Clue Might Answer That Question

To play devil’s advocate—if Markle and Harry are keeping their birth private, perhaps they’re just doing a really excellent job of concealing the truth. Maybe the baby has been born, and they were super careful to write a comment that would throw people off the scent! That feels a little far fetched, though. Well…the baby is due any day now. We can’t wait! And we’re guessing the expecting parents are pretty pumped too.

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STYLECASTER | Meghan Markle Fashion

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