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An alleged employee at Wendy Williams’ production company accused Kevin Hunter of ‘poisoning’ his wife, but an insider theorizes that an ‘obsessed fan’ gave the tip.

Nearly three months before Wendy Williams, 54, filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter, 46, authorities visited their home to investigate a claim that the talk show host’s husband was allegedly poisoning her. The tip came in from an anonymous caller who claimed to work for Wendy’s production company, Debmar-Mercury, and refused to provide contact information, according to the police report that Livingston Police Department provided to HollywoodLife.

A detective and officer were dispatched to Wendy’s home in New Jersey on Jan. 18, where Kevin answered the door and was “hesitant to let [the authorities] in to speak with Mrs. Williams” because her husband said she was “sick and recovering from a health problem,” the report continued. After eventually letting them in, Wendy was found covered in a blanket head-to-toe. The officer wanted to talk with Kevin in the hallway, but the former executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show essentially said he didn’t want to leave his wife’s side, the report claimed. The detective later asked how Wendy was feeling, and she said she was “recovering from a broken shoulder.” Wendy had also told her talk show audience that she fractured her right shoulder in Dec. 2018.

In private, the detective asked the television personality if there was any truth to the poisoning allegation. At first, Wendy said something along the lines of “Well, I’m very popular,” according to the detective’s recollection. The authority pressed her again, and she became “tearful” and denied the accusation. At that point, Kevin told Wendy that she “didn’t have to go into her current health problem” with the authorities, and told them that a “statement was released today to the press regarding her health.” They left after Wendy assured the cop and detective, again, that she was okay.

Courtesy of Livingston Police Department
Kevin Hunter Accused Poisoning Wendy Williams
Courtesy of Livingston Police Department

The anonymous call came in the middle of Wendy’s six-week hiatus from work. “The show was dark during the incident. Wendy’s last show was on or about on Dec. 21st, so no one from the show had even seen her for almost a month when on Jan 18th this incident took place,” a source close to Wendy EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “So it does not make sense that someone from her show, as reported, would have any knowledge of Wendy being poisoned, because no one from the show was spending any time with her during this month.” Our source believes that the caller lied about his or her identity, adding, “A more likely explanation is that an obsessed fan, worried about Wendy’s absence from TV, ‘fake called’ in the anonymous welfare check to the police so that they could make sure that Wendy was OK while missing from TV.”

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