Extremely Rare Ty Cobb Baseball Card From 1915 Sells For $504K

Ty Cobb

Extremely Rare Baseball Card

Sells For $504K!!!

4/23/2019 3:04 PM PDT


A  Ty Cobb baseball card more than ONE HUNDRED years old just sold for — are you sitting down??? — a whopping $504k!!! … TMZ Sports has learned. 

The card is Ty Cobb’s 1915 Cracker Jack card … and it’s one of only three of its kind to ever receive a Mint 9 rating from PSA … which is just one step below the perfect Gem Mint 10.

If you think coughing up half a milli for a baseball card is insane, just remember the Honus Wagner card holds the record for the most expensive baseball card at $3.12 million!!!

The Cobb card — sold via Heritage Auctions — fetched $504k, which is around $70k more than when another was sold back in 2017. 

No word on who bought the prized item … but here’s a clue — they’re RICH!!!

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