Summer Nail Trends 2019 Are Really Up to You

I would never label myself a trendsetter, but perhaps I’m cooler than I think. When it comes to anything beauty-specific, we tend to automatically put celebs on a pedestal where they’re tasked with telling us what to say, wear, and do. But in the context of summer nail trends at least, I plan on doing whatever I want, because, well, why not?

Now this isn’t to say that I plan on ceasing all screenshots of celebrity mani-grams. I’ll always want some form of inspiration; especially when I’m being my typical indecisive self. Plus, I’m basically under a spell anytime Cardi B. or her manicurist Jenny Bui hits the ‘Gram with an up-close video of her latest, blinged-out paint job. But the trend forecast for the coming months is all the motivation I need to go with the flow and try everything under the sun.

According to Jackie Saulsbery, the nail artist behind legends Queen Latifah and Adele, the top three looks she has a feeling will pop off in the coming months are “ladylike neutrals,” “bold and fun,” and my personal favorite: “sparkly.” She also makes an important point: “just like fashion, the nails are a piece of art we can show off all summer long. Be individualistic. Be you.” This might be the best beauty advice I’ve gotten all week (and I get a lot). With trends that cover the gamut of style, I think it’s safe to say that you really determine the trends. Get started with four of Saulsbery’s go-tos below.



Pear Nova.

Light, Fun & Natural: Sip, Sip Sanctuary by Pear Nova

“Pear Nova is the brand I love for a feminine look. It sets the tone for a wonderful summer wedding or a soft look with a hint of sparkles to give you a natural, but clean fun look.”

$11.50 at Coil Beauty

gabriel ephemeral polish Plot Twist: This Summers Nail Trends Are All Over the Place

Gabriel Cosmetics.

Sparkle Fun: Gabriel Cosmetics Ephemeral Collection

“Gabriel Cosmetics Ephemeral Collection is a summer, glittery treat. This 10-free nail polish is on trend with the temperatures rising.”

$8.50 at Gabriel Cosmetics

opi temperature is rising Plot Twist: This Summers Nail Trends Are All Over the Place


Bright and Bold: Tempera-ture Rising by OPI

“It’s a bit orange so you can create flowers of whatever color you like on the tips for a sizzling summer day.”

$10.50 at OPI

zoya lola Plot Twist: This Summers Nail Trends Are All Over the Place


Hot Pink It Up: Lola by Zoya

“Make sure you add some bling-bling on the finger (preferably jewels) of your choice. It sets the tone for the night out! Just make sure you do something fun to your feet so you can show them off as well.”

$10 at Zoya

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