BLACKPINK just kicked off the first concert of their U.S. Tour. While leaving dinner at Il Pastio restaurant in Beverly Hills this week, paparazzi asked the members if BLACKPINK liked BTS and their opinion on the boy band. The girl group is currently in Los Angeles for the start of their North American tour and Coachella 2019. Harry Styles was spotted in the audience at their LA show, and and fans went totally wild. The girls are keeping busy, and it appears they were too busy or didn’t have anything to say when asked about BTS. In the video Hollywood Fix shared, Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie can be seen leaving the restaurant and staying completely silent after BTS was brought up. So—does BLACKPINK not like BTS? We’ve got plenty of questions if that’s the case. But honestly, the most likely scenario is that they’re overwhelmed by paparazzi 99 percent of the day and have probably agreed to not make comments or statements when they’re not in a professional setting. Their lack of response doesn’t mean the girls aren’t fans, it probably just means they don’t like being bombarded by cameras and people shouting questions.

People in the comments section were impressed by how the girls “protected” each other when the paparazzi showed up. “Lisa was the bodyguard of jensoo lol” one person wrote. Another added, “JENNIE WAS LIKE SO PISSED OFF HAAHAHAHHA BUT I LOVE HERRR.” One fan was commenting on the reality of fame in Hollywood. “Wow, this is really ‘Hollywood’. Our girls will sadly have to get use to it cuz they are gaining a lot of attention these days.”

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One fan explained how asking if BLACKPINK likes BTS is a lose-lose situation for the girls. “Do you guys like bts like thats is the most controversial question for them either yes or no it will be bad to people who hate blackpink .. fanwar is crazy becuase if they say yes it shows that they want to date them but if no means they hate them.. think of it. Both idol group dont know each other even tho they are koreans they dont follow each other they dont talk each other thats why they dont answer those questions becuase its hard they dont have history . That they can answer that ( sorry for my explanation but ya thanks.” Very opinionated but hey—not necessarily wrong on all accounts.

Check out the video here.


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