Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner Shade Taylor Swift with KKW Fragrance Release Date

Welp, we guess the feud between T-Swift and Kimye isn’t over just yet. In fact, fans are convinced Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner shaded Taylor Swift with their KKW fragrance release date. Swift took to Instagram three days ago with a photo of a glittery heart and a caption that had fans ~freaking out~. It simply said, “4.26.” Boom. We’re convinced (as are all Swifties) that this means our favorite country-singer-turned-pop-star is releasing new music. She has posted a number of photos as part of this “4.26” series. Bless the music gods! But now.. drama, drama, drama. Two days after Swift dropped her epic Instagram announcement, Kardashian took to Instagram for her own announcement. She is releasing her new fragrance collaboration with her little sis, Jenner, and the date they choose? April 26. AHH.

Kardashian wrote, “KKW FRAGRANCE X KYLIE launching 4/26 at NOON on Three colorful bottles in nude, pink and red. These lip-shaped fragrances offer notes of red lotus blossoms, liquid amber and peony. $40 📸 by @hypewilliams 👄”

So. Yeah. Basically, they are going head to head with special announcements. TBH—Swift releasing new music seems like a much bigger deal than a new fragrance, but at this moment, Kardashian has twice as many Instagram likes as Swift (over 2 million). Holy moly. Swift fans have been commenting on Kardashian’s post pointing out that April 26 is the day Swift landed on to *supposedly* release new music, the beginning of a new era! So that’s super awkward, and doesn’t totally seem like an accident…

Kim Kardashian/Instagram.

 Fans Think Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner Are Trolling Taylor Swift with Their New Fragrance

Kim Kardashian/Instagram.

So look. It could definitely just be a coincidence…but… hat are the odds? One in 365? More? Less? We need a mathematician. Twitter definitely doesn’t think there’s something more going on.

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