A Study In Street Style: Erika Boldrin

A Study In Street Style: Erika Boldrin

If you don’t already love Erika Boldrin, you soon will. She’s packed with a quiet confidence and an allure so mesmerising that you just can’t pinpoint exactly why.


We’ve raved a lot about Milan’s fashion week street style. The greatest, boldest, and chicest gather at the event of the year. When you’re in a place that’s packed with great style and beautiful people all around, it’s hard to stand out. But not if you are Erika Boldrin, of course.

Introducing our newest Milanese style crush of the season, we have Erika Boldrin – a fashion blogger turned regular favourite on the street style circuit. Street photographers love capturing her fashion week moments, and we cannot thank them enough for doing so. There’s plenty of style inspiration to go around, so get in line everyone!

Judging from our love for the Milanese street style scene, you would think that we’d pick this homegrown Italian cool girl to crush on sooner. But alas, it’s better to be late than never. There’s just something about the quiet confidence in her outfits that we cannot stop admiring.

For starters, Boldrin loves her old Céline. Her style is elegant, but masculine, and so minimal. We’re not talking about the je ne sais quoi that the French are known for, but instead, it’s the fiercely bold and oddly calming effortlessness that only a Milanese can bring. Her outfits are a beautiful harmony of prints, bold colours, and statement essentials. Cowboy boots worn under maxi dresses, white stilettos with a utilitarian jumpsuit, and long fluttering sleeves tucked under a blazer – like an ode to romance. Boldrin’s looks are always a little whimsical, but also fiercely masculine.

Even when she’s not rocking a shockingly metallic pleated skirt, or a fully printed Balenciaga gingham blazer-dress, Boldrin pulls off the timeless turtleneck and pantsuit combo just as well. After all, her outfit is never complete without a blazer by her side. Seriously – she makes blazers look better and more versatile than they already are.

If you love the aura of effortlessness that Erika Boldrin brings about with her Milanese taste in fashion, you will enjoy browsing the gallery above of all her fashion week looks. As always, we’ve scoured the internet for some items we think Boldrin herself might approve of.



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