Pics! Abby Huntsman & Sara Haines’ Joint Baby Shower

Abby Huntsman & Sara Haines’ Joint…
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ABC News/Paula Lobo

“The View” threw a baby shower for co-host Abby Huntsman and “Strahan and Sara” co-host Sara Haines.

Abby is expecting twins, a boy and a girl, while Sara is having a boy. Click the photo above to launch the gallery!

New babies means each of the women will be a mother of three. Abby and husband Jeffrey Livingston are the parents of Isabel, 1, while Sara and husband Max Shifrin are the parents of Alec, 3, and Sandra, 1.

The guests of honor dished on their pregnancy cravings with Parade. Sara confessed, “I try not to be a regular milkshake drinker, but I keep doing it — I’m getting the calcium! I eat worse during pregnancy, but I figure whatever it takes to get through. There are so many emotions right now so I’m like, ‘Just lean into it, Sara.’”

Abby added, “I’m having a boy and girl so it makes sense that I’m craving everything. I’m craving Asian food — high-sodium stuff. I don’t eat a lot of red meat, but I’ll want a piece of steak for the iron. My favorite things have been dark chocolate covered pretzels. I eat two a day. They’re stacked in the freezer and I have plenty of them there just in case I want to eat 20 of them!”

The moms are also trying to squeeze in some “me time.” For Huntsman that means, “I get a foot massage. You relax and don’t focus on anything.”

Haines said, “I love reading and it’s amazing that I get to read and it’s for work. There’s nothing like the escape of a good book!”

How do Abby and Sara feel about being outnumbered? Huntsman told Parade, “I don’t have enough hands. My mother-in-law says you only have two kids because you only have two hands. We’re having twins so we bypassed that.”

Sara added, “I didn’t realize how foggy everything was when I had Alec. You don’t know you’re in post-partum until you have it. What I find comfort in is that it’s going to be amazing. I’m more excited for the confidence in number three. The outnumbered part will be daunting, but I want to enjoy it in a way that I missed with Alec.”

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