Kendall Jenner Trolls Kylie & Travis Scott’s Sexy Photo

Sisters exist to call each other out on stuff, right? It certainly seems that way to us and the Jenners are proving it! Kendall Jenner trolled Kylie and Travis Scott’s sexy photo yesterday. Kylie and Scott have been having a “baecation,” as she put it, shutting down any rumors that a split was on the horizon for these two. It’s been a tough couple of months for the youngest Jenner sister but it appears she’s landing on her feet or…uh…her knees. In a beach Instagram she shared from her vacation, Jenner is straddling her rapper “hubby” (as she likes to call him). She’s *oh-so-casually* holding glass of what appears to be white wine. Her dark hair is wet and slicked back in a bun, and she made sure to have some stylish hoops on for the steamy shot. Scott’s view is pretty much straight up Kylie’s boobs. It’s a very intimate shot, and Kendall was not about to let her little sister get away with it.

Kendall commented on the photo shared just 19 hours ago writing, “who took these pics? love a third wheel.” Honestly, fair troll. It looks like the photographer had a lot of patience to allow Kylie and her boyfriend to get into position and pose in the most photogenically ideal way. Regardless, it’s kind of a cute joke between sisters. Kendall’s not roasting her, just lightly teasing her about it.

Fans were quick to join in on the game, joking that Stormi must’ve taken the photos.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram.

Scott also took this opportunity to post a comment on his girlfriend’s post, while Kylie explained that the picture was taken via self timer. “Self timer baby,” she responded to her sister.

kylie jenner instagram troll Kendall Jenner Roasted Kylie & Travis Scotts Sexy Vacation Photo & Were Still Laughing

Kylie Jenner.

Well, regardless of who took the photo, it’s nice to see Kylie and Scott having such a fun time. The photo is presumably from the trip they just took to Mexico to “work on their relationship.” Seems like things were definitely working!

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